Jasmine Caccamo

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JASMINE CACCAMO is a New York and Los Angeles based celebrity stylist, whose affinity for fashion started from a very young age. Growing up a first generation American, Jasmine spent her childhood travelling Europe with her parents, which exposed her to different cultures. This quickly influenced and shaped her eye for style and appreciation of fashion.

As a natural athlete, Jasmine’s love of fashion took off by being a Division 1 collegiate athlete, which naturally blended her love of fitness and fashion. At this point, she realized the effects of a healthy mindset and habits in relation to a positive body image and how important fashion is in relation to fitness.

Starting her fashion pilgrimage at Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan, Jasmine has assisted some of the most notable stylists and editors in the industry. Expanding her experience, Jasmine took flight to freelance for high profile publications and celebrities, where she further perfected her craft.

Since then, Jasmine has been working with clients such as Taylor Swift, Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan, famed photographer Nigel Barker, and publications Seventeen, Nylon and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few.

Jasmine’s carefully curated signature styles and looks combined with her understanding of fitness and health have made her as one of the most in demand stylists.

Jasmine splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City.