Joseph Cultice

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JOSEPH CULTICE began his photography career as a young rock ‘n roll-obsessed teen in Phoenix, Arizona where he was inspired by his floor to ceiling KISS and David Bowie posters.

His teenage dreams became reality when he moved to New York City in 1989 and immediately began making an international name for himself as one of the top music photographers whose wide range of talents has allowed him to cross over into the celebrity and fashion fields.

Joseph’s first big break came with Nine Inch Nails and he was also the man behind the award-winning iconic album cover of Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals and later directed Manson’s tour documentary, Dead to the World.

He has photographed countless internationally renowned musicians and A-list celebrity talent such as Garbage, Ozzy Osbourne, Jon Stewart, Björk, Chloë Sevigny, Beck and

He  also  contributes  to  a  wide variety of magazines  including Vogue, Interview, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN, FHM, Parade, MOJO, Men’s Health, Suede, Zinc, King, Revolver and several others. 

Joseph is bi-coastal between New York and Los Angeles with his son Nomi Star.