Candice Lambert

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CANDICE LAMBERT is a Los Angeles based celebrity stylist, perhaps best known for her “street meets high fashion” style. Hollywood and the music industry consistently call on Candice to create and style customized looks for top celebrities and musicians.

Candice has worked widely in the music and fashion industry, as a stylist for music videos, photo shoots and award shows. She is also a costume designer, having designed the wardrobe for world tours and performances for a number of her clients.  Among Candice’s high-profile clients are Green Day, Pentatonix, Linkin Park, Bon Jovi, Don Henley, Kelly Clarkson and Garbage.  In addition, she has styled personal appearances and red carpet looks for a number of celebrities/musicians.  Candice’s work has graced the red carpet at awards shows such as the Tony Awards, the Grammy’s, Billboard Music Awards, VMA’s, American Music Awards and the Screen Actors Guilds. 

With her costume experience, as well as her ability to draw from street style to haute couture, Candice is known for setting trends and being on the cutting edge of what is next in fashion. She has the unique ability to draw on an eclectic range of ideas and references, which has made her a consistent favorite amongst top tier photographers and directors. She is a true collaborator.  Her capacity for forecasting trends and her hallmark effortless chic, has established her position in the celebrity fashion world as well as in the music industry.